PUCRA is a robotic association of students of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, founded in 2017. Winner of VEX Europe 2019, organizer of VEX Barcelona, Spain and Mediterranean, and 8th position in the world final of the European Rover Challenge of 2020.

With more than 50 members, PUCRA's mission is to be a benchmark in terms of robotics association and organize the best competitions. The vision of the future is to expand and achieve much bigger goals than the previous ones, always facing the challenges and promoting the values ​​of PUCRA, youth, efficiency and innovation.


September 2017



Jiaqiang, founder of PUCRA, creates the first university robotics association in Spain, the first of it's kind. PUCRA
was born with the objective of participating and winning the best robotics competitions in the world. In addition to participating openly in projects related to the sector. 

In the photo we can see the image with which the project was born, which recruited people from the UPC to carry out the objectives.

February 2018


VEX Robotics 2018

On our first year, the team became the national finalist and the first university team in the VEX Finals. 

After achieving second qualification at VEX Barcelona, ​​PUCRA qualified for the state finals, which were held in Girona. Finally, PUCRA was in second state position, a magnificent result for the first competition of the association. 

April 2018


Eurobot Spain 2018

National Champions of the competiton and 25th place in the +3000 world ranking. 

Just two months after their triumph at VEX, PUCRA participated in Eurobot 2018, where they established themselves as the 25 best WORLD robotics team and national champions.

September 2018


Robots Extreme

Our team got to the finals of the international robot fighting competition, that took place in Colchester, UK.  

PUCRA managed to be a finalist in its first robot fighting competition, where they competed against the best teams in the world. They became European champion thanks to the work and potential of the robot they created.

Robot fighting is an intense, fun and exciting competition, where PUCRA stood out for its potential.

February 2019


VEX Robotics 2019

Finalist of the Open Tournament. Vex Spain Tournament Champions Award, Skills Champions and Excellence Award.
We also were the Best European Team in VEX Robotics Competition.

PUCRA has positioned itself as the largest European team of the VEX Robotics international robotics competition, the most important of the world in this area. In the contest, which took place during the month of April for the Estats Units, PUCRA has been in position for the world final of the VEX U Division.

May 2019


Entrepreneurship award

During the Energy days, our team got rewarded with this award.

The award for entrepreneurship is given to those organizations that have proven to be relevant and outstanding in their sector. For PUCRA it was a source of pride and a sign that things were going well. The accumulation of these things motivate the team and improve the future

July 2019


Ice Vision Hack A.I. and M.L.

PUCRA traveled to Moscow to participate in the Ice Vision Hack, where they achieved the achievement of European champions, a huge pride for the whole team.

February 2020


1er Premi Associations UPC

PUCRA received the 1st award aimed at UPC student associations to recognize and promote associationism, its involvement and the encouragement of the inspiring values of university life.

September 2020


European Rover Challenge

With more than 100 international teams, PUCRA proudly achieved 8th place and managed to get to the finals of the ERC in our first year.

2020 has been a tough year for everybody. Nonetheless, we succeeded in getting the best national classification in the history of the competition!

Reinventing the future. PUCRA



Avinguda d'Eduard Maristany 
16, Edifici A. 08019 Barcelona


Email: pucra.eebe@upc.edu

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